Broken… again!



See that gray spot… yeah, that’s a hole in my left ankle. I apparently was born with an extra bone (I didn’t previously know about this) and that bone decided to break and take the house down with it! 

When said bone broke off, it took a little extra chunk out with it. Surgery is on Feb. 19th. That’s the bad news. 

The good news? I come with spare parts built in! The surgeon will be able to use the extra bone for a bone graft and patch me up (YAY!)

Bad News: 6 weeks non weight bearing.

You might be wondering how this happened? The honest truth is, I have no idea! 

It’s been hurting for the last couple of months and I finally decided to go see the doctor last week. This time around, I haven’t been biking, hiking… not even longboarding 😛

This time around I am prepared. I’ve been on that rough road before and I’ll go through it again. I have some amazing and wonderful people in my life that will make the whole ordeal much more bearable and pleasant and I’d like to thank them all in advance!

Also, this time I will be investing in an iWalkfree which should make the experience a bit more tolerable and entertaining!

Like last time, I am planning on staying on course with my diet and my workouts (upper body only) I won’t let this stop me from reaching my goal of 10% body fat this year. It’s just another challenge and I’ll deal with it.

Stay tuned for me 🙂