Loft Living… Now with Crutches!

So I live in a loft… on the third floor. Needless to say, that presents an interesting set of challenges.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I will be working from home for the next 6 weeks. My office/work area is actually on the top floor of my loft… It’s a nice view, see for yourself:ImageThat being said, I had to figure out a way to haul stuff up there. Carrying stuff is out of the question while hopping with the crutches. And so, the Ghetto Dumbwaiter was born:


It works great to get water, food and most importantly… ICE for my foot. And it brings back some childhood memories (won’t make sense to anyone born and raised in the USA)

Challenge, meet Solution! 

Thanks to my Cousin for making this happen before he left back to NC this morning!!



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